Devnet Faucet

Enter a Solana wallet address to receive devnet tokens.

These tokens have no monetary value. They cannot be sold and are not redeemable for any digital asset.

They are solely useful for testing WC Solana Pay on Solana Devnet.

Faucet request is limited to 1 airdrop per wallet per day.

If successful, the following devnet tokens will be airdropped into your wallet.

Token Airdrop Size Mint Hash
Solana Solana 1 SOL * No airdrop if wallet balance is already 1 SOL or above.
Circle USD Coin Circle USD Coin 500 USDC 9W81AjUS2hCPdXFuVpeqfyCzZyWdbFENG4fjRR2YmYZR
Tether USDt Tether USDt 500 USD₮ 2wYLrR96yEn5wPHvMFs7uULvgRJk7pWhzeXsDREtqn75
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